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About Query System Variables

Query system variables reference information to be used in a query. You use a query system variable when building a query connecting to a data source. Query system variables are available to all users that can conduct queries from data sources.

You can use query system variables to specify a window of time for incremental table loads, from a SQL data source. You can use these variables in the WHERE clause of a SQL query. Query system variables support both Query and Update Query configurations.

Available Query System Variables

The following are the available query system variables within Incorta:

VariableData TypeDescriptionExample
$$job_extract_start_timetimestampDynamically evaluates to the start time of the query execution10/3/20, 5:12:14 PM
$$job_extract_reference_timetimestampDynamically evaluates to the last successful extract time9/15/20, 8:25:12 AM

To reference a query system variable, you must specify a $$ double dollar sign.

Example of Query System Variables

The following example shows how you would use query system variables in the edit query panel of a connector:

`incorta`, `DATAFILE`
`CREATIONDATE` > $$job_extract_reference_time
`CREATIONDATE` < $$job_extract_start_time