Incorta Release Support Policy

This document is Incorta, Inc’s, (“Incorta”) stated Release Support Policy (“Policy”). This Policy details the level of support and End of Life for releases of the Incorta products. Any specific questions should be directed to your account manager or to the support team at Incorta.

Incorta follows two different support models, one for its Cloud products, and one for Managed Cloud Service and On-Premises products. Both support models are listed below.

Incorta Cloud Release Support Policy

For Incorta Cloud products, Incorta provides standard technical support on the current Cloud product release. Cloud Customers (“Customers”) are encouraged to move to the latest release as soon as possible. Please refer to the End of Life section for support on releases other than the current release.

Incorta Cloud Support Dates
Release VersionRelease DateEnd of Standard SupportEnd of Life Support

Incorta On-Premises and Managed Cloud Service Support

For On-Premises and Managed Cloud Service products, Incorta provides standard technical support on each version of the products for a period of twelve (12) months from the release date.

Incorta On-Premises Support Dates
Release VersionRelease DateEnd of Standard SupportEnd of Life Support

End of Life Support

Products that are not covered by standard technical support, as outlined above, shall be considered End of Life. End of life support will be provided for an additional six (6) months after the standard technical support ends. End of Life support will be limited to technical assistance only, there will be no source code patches or new patch level releases. The technical assistance team will provide recommendations on what is possible for the Customer, which may include professional services (at an additional fee), references to documentation or knowledge base articles. No patches will be provided. If there is an issue that requires a patch, a Customer will need to upgrade to a supported release which will then be covered by standard technical support.

After End of Life support expires for a product, Customers who have maintained an active subscription may continue to use a previously installed product for the remainder of the subscription term; however, Incorta will not provide support of any kind. ​​The only exception will be for technical assistance related to upgrading to a supported release.

Release Naming Convention

Incorta follows standard version numbering for Incorta Cloud, Incorta Managed Cloud Service and Incorta On-Premises products.

Incorta Cloud Release Naming Convention

Incorta Cloud releases follow a date-based naming convention which has 3 components: Year Number, Month Number, and Release ID e.g. 2022.1.0 being the first release in January 2022.

Incorta Cloud releases prior to 2022.1.0 followed a date-based naming convention which has 3 components: year number, quarter number, and month of quarter e.g. 2021.3.2. In certain cases, Incorta may add a 4th component to a release number as needed to push out a mid-release patch.

Incorta Cloud releases can include both major and minor features and functionalities.

Incorta On-Premises and Managed Cloud Releases Naming Convention

Incorta On-Premises and Managed Cloud releases follow a release naming convention which has 3 components: major release number, minor release number, and patch number e.g. 5.0.4.

A major release means significant changes to architectural or functionality or enhancements to the product as designated by a change in the major release number. Major releases do not include separate or different products marketed by Incorta under a different name even if such products are compatible with the relevant product.

A minor release means modifications or enhancements to the same product as designated by a change in the minor release number

Patches are maintenance packs released on top of minor releases.