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About the Alert Editor

With the Alert Editor, you can define a data alert. A data alert is a scheduled job that evaluates an alert condition. An alert condition is an Aggregated Table or a Listing Table insight that you create using the Analyzer. If the alert condition evaluates to True, the scheduled job for a data alert sends an email data notification to one or more users, one or more group of users, or one or more email addresses.

Create a data alert with the Alert Editor

There are two ways to create a data alert with the Alert Editor:

  • Set Alert
  • Scheduler

Set Alert

You must have edit access rights to the given dashboard. For a given insight in a dashboard tab that allows for a filter expression, in the More Options menu (⋮ vertical ellipsis), select Set Alert.

With the Scheduler, you can review the data alert.


To create a data alert from the Scheduler using the the Alert Editor, follow these steps:

  • Select Data Notifications.
  • In the Action bar, select +NewCreate Notifications.
  • Define the properties for a data alert in the Alert Editor.
  • From the Action bar, select Done to save the alert.

Properties for a data alert

You can edit the following properties of a data alert in the Alert Editor:

Nametext boxEnter the name of the data notification job you are creating.
Descriptiontext boxEnter a description for the data notification job.
Typeradio buttonSelect the type of the attachment you want to send via email:
    •  HTML
    •  XSLX
    •  CSV
TargetselectionSelect the dashboard tab to export as the give type for the email data notification.
Condition → (pen icon)buttonSelect the edit button for the Condition section to open the Analyzer and create a condition for the alert.
ConditiontableDisplays the output of the condition you create in the Analyzer.
Start bydate and timeSelect the date and time for the alert to start working.
Recurrenceradio buttonSelect the recurrence of the alert to be one of the following:

    •  Daily
    •  Weekly
    •  Monthly
    •  No Recurrence
Recurrence → Everyincrements and drop down menuSelect the number of recurrences per day, week, or month.
This option is not available when you select the No Recurrence option.
Recurrence → No Endradio buttonSelect to keep the alert active with no end date.
Recurrence → End byradio buttonSelect to set an end date for the alert to be completed.
Send TolistList of emails the dashboard is sent to.
Send To → +buttonSelect to open the Send to form.
Send To → + → AddbuttonSearch names, groups, or emails, and then select Add to add them to the list of Send To emails.
Send To → + → Cancelbutton(Optional) Select to close the Send to form and cancel any selection.