Built-in Functions → Boolean Functions

Finding Strings Within Strings

These functions find a substring within a given string. They return true if the substring is found and false otherwise. In the table, field is the string to search. It is an expression evaluating to a string type. The string to search for is find.

startsWith()startsWith(field exp, find1, find2, ...)Determine whether a string starts with a substring(s)
contains()contains(field exp, find1, find2, ...)Determine whether a string contains a given substring(s)
endsWith()endsWith(string expr field, string find)Determine whether a string ends with a given substring
like()like(string expr field, string expr pattern, string esc)Returns true if pattern is found within field
isAlpha()isAlpha(value)Determine whether a string consists of alphabetic characters only
isNumeric()isNumeric(value)Determine whether a string evaluates as a number

Comparing Expressions with Constants

These functions find a constant (constN) in an expression (field). If one of the constants is found in field, true is returned. These functions return false otherwise.

inin(expr field, const1, const2, ...)Return true if any of a list of items match the given expression
inListinList(expr field, list)Return true if an expression evaluates to one or more constants in list

Find NULLs and NaNs

These functions check whether values can be used in further operations.

isNull()isNull(<type> expr field )Returns true if field evaluates to NULL
isNan()isNan(double value)Returns true if value is NaN

Compare Booleans

These functions operate on expressions evaluating to boolean. They are the logical functions Incorta supports.

and()and(bool expr1, bool expr2, . . .)Determine whether a series of expressions evaluate to true
or()or(bool expr1, bool expr2, . . .)Determines whether any of a series of expressions evaluate to true
not()not(bool expr)Negates its expression argument

Checking Ranges

between()between(double expr value, double expr min, double expr max)Returns true if value is between min and max