Guides → Upgrade to Release 5.1

Prior to upgrade, please review the Release Model. The Release Model describes the various release statuses: Preview, Early Review, and Generally Available. Refer to the Release Model to identify the release version and status that is most suitable for upgrading your Sandbox, Developer, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), or Production environment.


Prior to upgrade, this release requires the installation of the Chromium headless browser on all hosts for the Incorta cluster. In addition, all hosts must have adequate disk space for shared storage to support the migration to a new shared storage directory structure. Lastly, if your Incorta cluster has a separate Apache Zookeeper cluster, you must also upgrade Apache Zookeeper.


If you are upgrading from a version prior to 5.0, you must either run the Versioning Migration Tool after upgrading the cluster metadata database or perform a full load for all physical schemas in all tenants.

There are three guides detailing how to upgrade to Release 5.1: