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Blueprints will be known as Data Apps in upcoming releases of Incorta. Older versions may still refer to Data Apps as Blueprints.

Incorta Blueprints are a modern solution for analyzing and understanding your enterprise business data. They offer a rich set of physical schemas, business schemas, and pre-built analytics dashboard templates for accessing, organizing, and presenting data from popular business solutions, such as Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, ServiceNow, and Salesforce. With Incorta Blueprints, you can rapidly implement analytic solutions and operational analytics.

Incorta Blueprints are modular and individual applications that describe all the entities available in a particular data source and the metadata used for a particular functional area, for example, Financial Analytics, Supply Chain, Customer Relation Management (CRM), and the like. Incorta Blueprints include physical schemas for multiple functional areas in each application, business schemas that pull together key metrics, sample reports, visualizations, and sample data analytics dashboards.

Incorta Blueprints help you get up and running quickly with your analytics journey on Incorta by reducing the amount of work and time needed to give users baseline reports and KPIs. After the installation of a blueprint template in your cluster, only slight customization is required to adjust for your needs and preferences.

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