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Maintenance Packs

Incorta encourages customers to upgrade to the most recent release. Here are maintenance packs notes for this minor release.


When upgrading, please review and follow the procedures outlined in the Upgrade to Incorta 5.0 documentation.

Maintenance Pack 5.0.1

What’s New?

  • Supported DataLake connector in Data Agent
  • Supported business view formula columns in aggregate filters
  • Honored subtotal flags in XLSX and HTML downloads and sending to email
  • WAF compliance changes to the exporting tenant endpoint
  • Encrypted credentials provider for cloud file systems
  • Enhanced dashboard search to show the relevant results according to the keywords

Issues fixed


  • Fixed an issue where table rows failed to render on scroll after upgrading to Chrome Version 88.0.4324.96
  • Fixed an issue in aggregate insights where subtotals were displayed although they were disabled in the insight settings
  • Fixed an issue with flat table showing extra invalid record if subtotals were enabled
  • Fixed an issue with Dynamic Hierarchy drill down that prevented it working
  • Fixed a case where extra empty columns were displayed on Pivot tables
  • Fixed an issue that caused the failure of rendering a dashboard with a presentation variable that depended on a session variable that started or ended with +, -, /, *, %, ^, =, >, <, or !
  • Fixed query plan rendering issue when there were Japanese characters in the schema or table names
  • Fixed an issue that caused charts with no dimensions to be sent in emails with color formats other than Incorta’s


  • Fixed an issue where schema loads stuck on ADLS


  • Increased the public APIs query endpoint pagination range to include Long range


  • Fixed a case where Spark-SQL Query got stuck in Spark SQL Materialized Views (MVs)
  • Allowed static MV configurations for Zeppelin with Spark 3
  • Fixed an issue where a Tableau service user was able to see all schema and tables
  • Fixed an issue with SQLi on Spark 3 where the executors were not terminated when the application shut down
  • Fixed a Tableau connector issue where tables were discovered without showing schema name


  • Fixed some Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) and Google Cloud Storage (GCS) performance issues
  • Fixed an issue with session invalidation with SSO users when they opened new Incorta tabs
  • Fixed some Data Agent issues and enhancements

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