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About a visualization

A visualization consists of configurable properties and related behaviors for displaying data in a specific form such as a single value, a table of columns and rows, a chart, a graph, a map, or a gauge.

In the Analyzer, a dashboard developer or schema developer must select a visualization.

For a dashboard developer, the selected visualization is for an insight on a dashboard tab. Besides displaying a table, chart, gauge, or number, the visualization type determines the types of user interactions available for the insight.

For a schema developer, the visualization choice dictates columns, calculations, and aggregations for a table in a physical schema or a view a business schema.

In the Analyzer for an insight, there are three categories for visualizations:

  • Table
  • Chart
  • Others

In the Analyzer for an Incorta Analyzer Table or Incorta View, there is only the Table category.

Math for visualizations

From a mathematical and graphical perspective, a visualization represents labeled data or data series in one or more dimensions.

One dimension

With one dimension, a visualization displays a table of rows and columns or displays a calculated or aggregated value. Here are some examples of one dimension visualizations:

Two dimensions

With two dimensions, a visualization groups one or more aggregated or calculated values by an attribute. Here are some examples of two dimensional visualizations:

  • Aggregated Table
  • Pie
  • Donut
  • Sunburst
  • Spider
  • Area Range
  • Combo Dual Axis
  • Dual Axis
  • Bubble (requires 3 measures)
  • Scatter
  • Funnel
  • Pyramid
  • Tag Cloud
  • Organizational

Three dimensions

With three dimensions, a visualization groups one or more aggregated or calculated values by one or more attributes.

  • Pivot Table (Requires Row and Column)
  • Column
  • Stacked Column
  • Percent Column
  • Bar
  • Stacked Bar
  • Percent Bar
  • Area
  • Stacked Area
  • Percent Area
  • Line
  • Stacked Line
  • Percent Line
  • Pie Donut
  • Combination
  • Radial Bar
  • Packed Bubble
  • Line Time Series
  • Time Series
  • Dual X-Axis (Requires two grouping dimensions)
  • Advanced Map
  • Sankey (Requires Source and Target)

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