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Concepts → Physical Schema Table Runtime Security Filter

About a physical schema table runtime security filter

A runtime security filter is a filter expression that the Analytics Service enforces for all of the following when defined:

  • Incorta Analyzer Table
  • Incorta SQL Table
  • Materialized view
  • Physical schema table

There are two types of runtime security filters: Regular and Formula. Often, the filter expression implements Row Level Security (RLS) using a form of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

A schema developer with Edit access right for a given physical schema table can define zero one more runtime security filters using the Table Editor.

To learn more, review Concepts—> Runtime Security Filters

Additional considerations for a physical schema table runtime security filter

The runtime security filter on a parent table affects only the parent table in a query. A runtime security filter on a child table will affect a query that includes the child and any parent table.

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