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Maintenance Packs for Incorta 4.9

Incorta encourages customers to upgrade to the most recent release. Here are maintenance packs notes for this minor release.


When upgrading, please review and follow the procedures outlined in the Upgrade from Incorta 4.9.0 to Incorta 4.9.1 documentation.

Maintenance Pack 4.9.1

What’s New?

  • A key column now supports more than 3.4 billion records .
  • An Aggregate Table or Pivot Table supports subtotal calculations for row and columns of the type string
  • The AWS S3 connector supports file patterns, relative paths, and AWS Region
  • Support for WAF endpoints
  • Support for Spark 3.0
  • Enhancements for Advanced Maps visualization
  • Oracle 19c certification for the Incorta Metadata Database

Issues fixed

  • For Listing Table, Aggregated Table and Pivot Table insights, support for the Max Rows property in Settings.
  • Resolved issues with the Analyzer.