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Returns one of two strings based on whether a value exceeds a threshold or not.


Mark the employees with employee number below 4 with the “low” string and those with employee number 4 or above with the “high” string.

bin(INCORTA.ADMIN_EMP.EMPNO, "low", 4, "high")


bin(series, label_a, limit, label_b)


  • series: series or column of int values to be divided into two groups
  • label_a: string label to apply to series values less than limit
  • limit: int value marking the division between the two bins
  • label_b: string label to apply to series values greater than or equal to limit




bin sorts a series of integers and labels them in one of two ways based on a threshold value. Parameter limit is the threshold value. For values of series that are less than limit, label_a is returned. For values of series greater than or equal to limit label_b is returned.

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