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Manage Scheduled Load Jobs in CMC

View Scheduled Load Jobs

  1. Sign in to your Incorta tenant.
  2. Select Scheduler from the navigation bar.
  3. Navigate to any scheduled job for Dashboards, Schema Loads, or Data Alerts.

For scheduled load jobs that have been paused:

In the Next Run column for each job, the date shown will have a strikethrough. When you unpause the scheduled load job, the job will resume its original schedule.  

For scheduled load jobs that have been enabled (unpaused):

In the Next Run column for each job the date shown should be displayed without a strikethrough.

Pause All Scheduled Load Jobs

  1. Log in to the CMC.
  2. Select Local from the CMC navigation bar.
  3. Select View.
  4. Select the Cluster Configurations tab then Default Tenant Configurations.
  5. Select Data Loading from the left panel.
  6. Toggle Pause Scheduled Jobs on to pause all scheduled schema loads, dashboards and data alerts.(Note: This option is disabled by default.) The switch will turn blue to indicate jobs have been paused.
  7. Select Save.

Pause Scheduled Load Jobs for Specific Tenant

  1. Select Clusters in the navigation bar.
  2. In the cluster list, select a cluster name.
  3. Select the Tenants tab.
  4. Select Configure for the given tenant.
  5. Select Data Loading in the left pane.
  6. Toggle Pause Scheduled Jobs on .
  7. Select Save.

Pause Scheduled Load Jobs during Tenant Import

  1. Select Clusters from the CMC navigation bar, then navigate to the Tenant tab.
  2. Select the + add button, then Import.
  3. Toggle Pause scheduled jobs on.
  4. Select Next then follow the prompts given by the Import Tenant wizard to complete the import process.

Re-enable Scheduled Load Jobs

From Cluster Configurations, navigate to Default Tenant Configurations then choose Data Loading.

  1. Toggle Pause scheduled jobs off to re-enable scheduled jobs that had been previously paused.
  2. Select Save.

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