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Installing the Incorta Package


You will use an installation wizard to install the Incorta software package on a MacbookPro single node. Successful completion of the procedure results in the Cluster Management Console being ready for use. You will then be able to start up other services and set up Incorta to access your desired data sources.

The installation process uses a wizard to set parameters. This instructions will have you using the default values. This works for the default Mac OS X Catalina installation setup.

A more detailed installation procedure is documented in Installing on a Single Node. See Incorta Installation Wizard Default Values.


1. Unpack the Incorta archive file,

Get access to the command line by starting a terminal application. Navigate to the location of the Incorta archive file. The location of the file is not critical.

$ unzip -d incorta-package

This unpacks the Incorta elements into a directory called ~/incorta-package.

2. Start the Incorta installation wizard.

The wizard is found in incorta-package in this example. Run it by typing:

$ ./incorta-package/install

3. Click through the wizards screens, accepting the default values except as noted below.

Accept the Incorta license.

The installation directory defaults to /Users/<user-id>/IncortaAnalytics, where <user-id> is the logged in user. Change as appropriate.

Select both Start CMC and Open the application in a browser.

Click Next.

The Installation Status screen should appear and indicate success. If it does not, look for the Java icon and read what it says for more information. Pay special attention to files mentioned that have a .err extension.

Click Done on success and return to the terminal you used to start the wizard.

4. Confirm the CMC is running:

$ ps -ef | grep "cmc"

This should produce a long line of text (likely wrapped) where a portion of the string reads, for example, IncortaAnalytics/cmc.

If this line does appear, Incorta has been successfully installed and the CMC is running.

You can now use the CMC to set up an Incorta Cluster. See Starting Incorta Services.

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