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Creating a Tenant for the Example Dataset

1. Start the Incorta Tenant creation wizard.

Sign in to the CMC if not logged in and select Local in the navigation bar. Click View to see Cluster details.

Start the wizard be selecting Tenants on the screen and then clicking the + on in the upper-right corner of the screen. In the pop-up, select Create Tenant

2. Set the basic Tenant details.

Accept the default values and click Next.

Accept the default values and click Next.

Click Create.

3. Finish the Tenant wizard.

The final screen to appear indicates success or failure in creating the Tenant. If successful, click the Finish button.

You have created a Tenant which has access to data local to this host. To verify this is true, login to Incorta and create plots.

4. Sign in to Incorta.

Open up a new browser table and enter the following URL:


At the login prompt, enter the tenant_admin credentials.

5. Load the included sample data.

In the Navigation bar, click Schema.

Then, load the data:

  • View the Audit schema data by clicking Audit
  • Click Load in the right-center of the Action bar.
  • Then click Load now -> Full. At the pop-up, click Load.
  • Click Schema in the Navigation bar and repeat the process of loading for the HR and SALES schema the same as you did for the Audit table.

6. Plot some of the sample data.

  • Click on Content in the Navigation bar. Toward the bottom of the screen, there are five dashboard buttons. Click any of them to see a portion of the data managed by the new Tenant.
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