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Installation Troubleshooting

Check to see if an issue you encounter during installation is one of these issues.

Problem: Insufficient Temporary Disk Space

Incorta requires a temporary directory (/tmp folder) with at least 2 GB of available space during installation.

If you do not have enough disk space, you may see the error, “Insufficient disk space in the temporary directory.”

Solution: Free Space or Set a Different Directory

Incorta Analytics requires at least 2 GB of free disk space in the temporary directory (/tmp folder).

If you do not have 2 GB of space available, you can:

  • Free at least 2 GB of space in the /tmp directory.
  • Set a different temporary directory using the following command:

java<PATH_TO_NEW_TEMP_DIR> -jar incorta-installer.jar

<PATH_TO_NEW_TEMP_DIR> is the path to the new temporary directory.

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